Health and Food

When Dr. Ascher Shmulewitz decided to get into the food tech industry, he understood that the best way to ensure a healthy population,  is through the use of  preventative care. His years of experience studying medicine and his success in the biomedical technology industry, reaffirmed that proper diet is paramount for a healthy life.

The problem, however, was that the food industry was failing to provide any viable. sustainable, and healthy products to the mass market. As Dr. Shmulewitz saw it, the food industry was going in two directions- a trend toward “health” foods that often lacked in flavor and have been environmentally unsustainable, or fast and heavily processed foods that contribute to the high rate of obesity, heart disease and environmental deterioration.

Dr. Shmulewitz concluded that only way we can feed and distribute nutritious and delectable food to an expanding population, without destroying the planet would be through modern food technology. “Until now the food industry has compromised quality for quantity, more products with less nutritional value, but food tech is the only solution that can consolidate both quality and quantity, issues, providing nutritionally dense foods, to the mass market for a fair price.”

How so? Here are 5 ways modern food tech will help us become healthier: