Technology isn’t always about reinventing the wheel. In fact, in many industries today, we are recognizing that breaking away from the rhythm of nature is destructive and causing substantial damage to our environment. For example, using fossil fuels, a process that converts coal and petroleum with heat to generate electric power, has resulted in prevalent amounts of greenhouse gas and carbon monoxide emissions into our atmosphere, while simultaneously eroding our land and polluting our water. We are seeing now that the practice of working against nature, has proved fruitless, and that working with the Earth’s own power sources is the key to sustainable growth and evolution. With this in mind, alternative energy sources using solar and wind energy, has become the solution to alleviate the environmental damage. 

Enhancing the resources in nature is also extending to the modern food and agricultural industry. In the past, the concentration of agricultural and food technology was on how to use synthetic solutions to beat nature, today companies are finding ways to use technology to enhance what nature has to offer. Here are three companies that exemplify this idea in a way that is changing our practices and fixing our food systems. 


For as long back as agriculture goes, farmers have been cross breeding seeds to produce new varieties of fruits and vegetables that would contain the best features from each variety. However, until now, this practice has been based on observation with little or no data to guide it. In order to create a more efficient and effective seed breeding practice, Equinom  has found a method to collect essential farm data, process the data with proprietary algorithms, in order to produce new varieties of seeds with desirable traits. Their technology doesn’t rely on seed engineering like GMOs, because they only breed seeds with qualities that already exist in the environment.