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The 5 most prominent food and ag-tech investors in Israel… GreenSoil Investments Founded in 2011 by Gideon Soesman

The 5 most prominent food and ag-tech investors in Israel…

GreenSoil Investments

Founded in 2011 by Gideon Soesman and Allen Greenberg, GreenSoil Investments was developed in order to provide food and ag-tech startups who are ready for the global market the opportunity to scale up and expand. As Soesman explains, “We are witnessing a massive investment in early stage food and agriculture startups in Israel, therefore we established GreenSoil Investments to help those companies achieve global reach.” With the understanding that there are tremendous opportunities in this sector, Greensoil Investments is interested in investing in companies that seek to add value to the food and agricultural chain. GreenSoil Investments is specifically scouting companies that have a product that creates more efficiency and flow across the food chain. Being one of the largest investors in Israeli food and ag-tech innovation, to date GreenSoil has invested in six thriving startups, including Tipa,  producers of fully compostable food packaging and Rootitly, a breeding company that focuses on the plant-organ responsible for supplying nutrients to the plant. When filtering through food and ag-tech startups, GreenSoil Investments looks for companies that have a consistent story that encompasses a scalable, problem solving technology, that is already generating revenues.


Founded in 2013, by Jon Medved, founder of Israel Seed Partner and one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and investors in Israel, OurCrowd is a global equity crowdfunding platform, developed specifically for accredited investors. For their investment process, OurCrowd utilizes a team of seasoned investors to discover companies with market potential. Once they have narrowed potential companies, they invest their own capital and provide a platform for their community of over 20,000 investors to invest for equity. However, OurCrowd does not only raise funding, they provide post investment support and mentorship for each of their startups, and serve on the board of many of them. Although OurCrowd invests in a wide range of companies, in 2015 they launched a dedicated early-stage fund called OurCrowd First, that focuses primarily on seed-stage investments in technology companies. The fund invests in a range of technology sectors, but one of the fund’s investment focus is on food and agricultural startups that are ready to tackle the world’s enormous food waste and preservation quandary. Their current investments include Taranis, the first crop disease proliferation modeling technology for large-scale farmers, as well as FreshKeep, sensor driven consumer food containers aimed at reducing food waste in households. “When we look at potential companies to invest in, we are looking for companies that represent large opportunities in large markets; potential category leaders in their space powered by deep enabling technology.”


Combining the concept of “startup nation” and Israel’s eminence in agricultural technology, AgriNation was founded in 2016 to provide round A investment in companies that create breakthrough technology in agriculture and agri-food. Whether logistics, packaging, or ingredients, AgriNation seeks to invest in companies that find a vacuum in the food chain and seek to address it. “Israel sets the perfect stage for round A funding due to the support of the government and a number of incubators that provide food and ag tech startups the groundwork they need to develop.” Since it’s founding, AgriNation has invested in two companies including, NoBactra, a natural bacteria based formulation for use in agricultural as a bio-pesticide, bio-bactericide and bio-nematicides.

FoodLab Capital

With combined experience in food science, food technology and medicine, the founding team of FoodLab Capital put their minds together to provide the necessary investment, guidance, and support in companies that are solving a range of food related issues. From resto-tech to plant based protein technology, FoodLab Capital has provided investment, leadership and support to several promising companies that aim to streamline and positively effect the food chain. Their current investments include, SimpleOrder, an automated inventory restaurant kitchen platform that aims to reduce waste and digitize the entire back of house operations and DouxMatok, breakthrough technology that will enable a significant reduction of sugar and salt consumption in traditional high sugar foods.

The Kitchen Hub

Every two years the Israeli government grants funds to create an incubator for companies in the field of medicine, technology, and security. For the first time in the country’s history, the grant was given to Israel’s first food tech incubator developed under the Strauss Cooperation. The Kitchen Hub provides new and upcoming startups with half a million in seed funding, an operational space and a team of industry experts to get these early stage companies up and running. Currently FlyingSpark, a company that creates insect protein powder and MyFavorEats, a recipe personalization software for dietary restrictions and preferences, are two of the six companies on their docket. The Kitchen Hub has not only been instrumental in providing the tools for food tech startups, with a series of meetups and events, The Kitchen has been formidable in bringing the food innovation scene of Israel to the forefront.





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