How do millennials feed their growing interest in health and wellness? They search.

Written by Pedro Pina, originally published by Think With Google

Excerpt: In our new Food Trends Report we analyzed Google Search data to find five major trends. Here we share more insight on one, the rise of “functional foods,” and why there’s a big opportunity for brands.

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Cheerios in a spoonful of milk

General Mills, the maker of Cheerios cereal, is part of a growing number of old-economy companies that have joined technology companies to create venture capital funds. Credit David Duprey/Associated Press

At first glance, the maker of Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs might not fit the image of a cutting-edge venture capital investor

Originally published in The New York Times by Randall Smith

Excerpt: General Mills, based in Minneapolis, is part of an increasing number of old-economy companies, including the convenience chain 7-Eleven and the Campbell Soup Company, that have joined a crowd of technology companies to create venture capital funds. Through them, they scout for new products or services and promising potential business partners.

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Beyond Meat at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West trade show

Beyond Meat at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West trade show

Test Marketing Set to Begin

By Elaine Watson,

Excerpt: Beyond Meat – the California-based maker of plant-based “meat” – is preparing to test market what it claims is “the first plant-based burger that will be placed in the meat counter,” according to executive chairman Seth Goldman.

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Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison outside the company’s headquarters in New Jersey. | Image Credit: Associated Press

By Hannah Furlong /

Excerpt: The Campbell Soup Company has announced that it is launching a $125 million venture capital (VC) fund to invest in food startups. The fund, under the banner Acre Venture Partners L.P., will be managed by unidentified outsiders independent of Campbell, although the food giant is its sole limited partner.

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