In our recent post we discussed the history of agricultural and innovation in Israel, to explain why today Israel is one of the leading countries in food tech development and growth. However at the root of Israel’s innovation, is the leaps and strides the country has made in developing varieties of produce that are more effective and conducive for cultivation.

With the development of the Agricultural Research Organization, a government institute devoted agricultural research and growth, Israel has made milestones in the field, bringing new varieties to the table. Varieties that often excel in flavor, longevity and survival. Here are four fruit varieties that exemplify Israel’s contribution to the world of agriculture.

Soft Citrus

The Jaffa orange was the the agricultural product that put the region on the map. The shamuti orange which originated in Asia, became a staple crop in the region for it’s thick shell and its sweet interior. Recently, to replicate the benefits of the orange, the Jaffa Orri mandarin was developed by the wing of the ARO known as the Volcani Research Center. This mandarin has made an impact in the citrus industry as it boasts an “excellent, fresh and sweet flavor” with a minimal number of seeds. Most importantly, the long shelf lives of these mandarins, make it the perfect fruit for export.